Free Online Converting Tool  4.0 Beta [i]

This is a FREE tool to convert CSV files from Paypal, eBay or any Bank Institution into QIF files to import into MS Money, Quicken, Sage, GNUCash or any Accounting Program

This tool runs in any platform such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and doesn't require any installation. You can create mapping profiles and save them for future use.

Helping us to improve

Based on feedback, we making improvements, such as usability and bug fixing including the algorithms that process CSV files.

We have created 3 different algorithms, please choose one of them before you convert your CSV files.

Please give us feedback and let us know which algorithm works better for you.

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Convert in only 3 steps

Step 1: Open CSV

Step 2: Map the fields

Step 3: Save as QIF/OFX